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As you said a very short experience - but a lovely one. Could be a nice start for a cute adventure game. Playing under Linux I saw three things which might be improved on: (1) While options are there they are not saved. So when setting English, return to the main menu it's English, starting game and going back it is French again. Would be nice if the options could be saved - also for a new game after exiting the game still keeping the former settings. (2) Another point is that both unicorns can go apart with one no longer being visible ... would be better that both have to stay in visible range as if an unknown force keeps both from getting apart - as otherwise one disappears (but local Coop really fits to this game). (3) A last possible change would be support for gamepads ... would be great! But all in all a very nice start for a cute relaxing big adventure! Would be cool to see updates of this game ... and seeing it improving ...   ;)

Thank you for the feedback.
For the save, I forgot to do it. (oops) For the camera, it's a voluntary choice. Maybe I will continue this game one day. This kind of feedback is motivating! :)


Très chouette on aimerais en voir plus avec une petite histoire et quelques petite actions sur le décors!

Merci ! Peut être qu'un jour je prendrais le temps de rajouter des éléments. ^^


Parfait petits moments à deux, intimes et printaniers :D

Petit bonus, la gestion/le contrôle de la caméra sont bien cools !

Merci pour ton retour. :)
Ça fait plaisir de savoir que la gestion de la caméra est appréciée. ^^